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Acceleration Services

We approach consulting holistically, to build a strong foundation

We believe that the client’s personal growth as an entrepreneur is one pillar of this foundation. We don’t take equity because we want them to have full ownership of their incredible ideas.  Here are some of the workshops that are usually a part of the acceleration program:

Our Process

Before you start the acceleration program we will have a kick-off meeting where we gain in-depth understanding of your needs and what you expect from us. We then propose a scope of work that contains a list of workshops and monitor and reviews that are curated, scheduled and located as per your convenience.

Our Workshops

While we love to receive clients in our JLT office with its scenic views, collaborative design (and loads of coffee!) we have regularly conducted workshops online with clients who were living or travelling abroad, as well as at different locations in Dubai.  All our clients are also welcome to use our office as a co-working space. 

With regard to efficiency of time used in our workshops, 60% of our clients rated it excellent, while the rest rated it good.

Tailor-made Acceleration Services

Everything is centred around you because we know first hand how nerve-wracking starting your own business is and we’re there with you- every step of the way. Our client’s time is extremely important to us and one of the most important things we want you to get out of our workshops is to find time once again to reflect, plan and live your best life. Our acceleration program aims to ensure that starting your business is a part of living the life that makes you the happiest, not something that delays it.

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