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Business Set-up

End-to-end Solutions

From Evaluating your Value Proposition to your Go To Market Strategy, let our team of expert business and structuring consultants navigate the legalities of business set up in the UAE so that you can deliver your product or service effectively with the ability to scale efficiently.

Not quite sure where to start or have a very, very heavy and complex transaction or structure that needs meticulous detail and planning? Our team with worldwide offshore experience can take that burden off you to create the right corporate vehicles and structures so YOU can focus on your passion.

Global Reach

We work with structures locally here in the UAE as well as 24 Offshore financial centres around the world delivering Special Purpose Vehicles, Directorship and Nominee arrangements to suit most requirements. 

Set-up and scale
the right way

Our business set up is focused on a consulting approach.  It’s not just about licensing, it’s about understating in detail how you want your business to operate to be successful, understanding and evaluating the strategies to ensure the business model works and giving you the right structure to support that and enable you to scale.

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